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“If you are writing without zest, without gusto, without love, without fun, you are only half a writer.” – Ray Bradbury

Caroline Nierman

Caroline Nierman is a writer, content strategist and social media marketer based in New York City, where she was born and raised. A graduate of The Dalton School and New York University, Caroline also attended The University of St. Andrews in Scotland, where she counterintuitively developed an even thicker New York accent and woke up every morning convinced that she was living in Brigadoon.

A lifelong lover of language, Caroline has been writing since she could hold a pencil. For the first few years of her life, Caroline’s work revolved around two central premises, the first being ‘a young girl is allowed to get a dog’ and the second ‘a young girl is allowed to have her ears pierced.’ Since then, she has expanded her repertoire to include ‘a twenty-something woman travels back in time to the New York City of 1899 and gets yelled at for wearing pants’ and ‘a twenty-something woman skyrockets to fame when she is discovered by a talent agent while ordering a Frappuccino at Starbucks.’

Professionally, Caroline is a seasoned copywriter and content strategist who currently works in the field of Online Reputation Management. She is the creator of “The Fangs of New York,” a snarky humor blog about New York City, and she is in the process of revising her first collection of comedy essays, “Kvetch.”

Core Competencies



Caroline’s formal education in English Literature and her professional experience writing across a wide range of digital platforms make her a versatile copywriter who never shies away from a tough campaign.

Content Strategy

Caroline draws on her well-developed analytical skills and experience on the creative side of content generation to devise original, memorable content strategies that are crafted to earn maximum engagement.

Branding & Marketing

Caroline’s extensive knowledge of social media marketing and white hat SEO lets her harness the power of the internet to get her content in front of the people who need it (whether they know it or not).

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