Month: May 2020

  • My Problematic Addiction to Dairy

    I can’t digest dairy properly. There, I said it, alright? Yes, now that I’ve been forced (by no one) to come clean about how my body processes dairy, the truth is that every time I ingest dairy, shortly thereafter, I get that feeling when all the blood rushes from every other part of your body […]

  • The Sounds of 7pm

    The first time I heard the cheering at 7pm, it was delightful. I just checked my phone, and it shows that I recorded my first video of people on my block and around the Upper West Side cheering at 7pm on March 27th. I recorded a second video of even louder, more spirited cheering on […]

  • Baby Foot, Sweet Baby Foot: A Review

    Okay. I think I’m finally ready to talk about my EXTREMELY enjoyable experience with Baby Foot (which I shall henceforth abbreviate as BF periodically throughout this post). I will admit that the process has been truly horrifying at times, even for me, which I thought was impossible (I’ve literally attended a live autopsy and I […]

  • Baby Foot Update: IT’S WORKING

    Guys. Guys. My feet are coming off in the bathtub and it’s glorious. Stay tuned for a longer post about this later – and know that I haven’t forgotten about updating you about my Baby Foot trial – just wanted to make sure I’d have something good to report. AND I DO! Speak to you […]