Baby Foot Update: It’s Arriving Today!

Ok, I have something to confess.

I had originally bought a knock-off version of Baby Foot due to poor impulse control and having done inadequate research. Then I checked the 1-star reviews for the product I’d already ordered (and written about on here)…and I found some pretty troubling information.

Two of the 1-star reviews of the product I’d purchased were literally:

“I used this product on 1/6/19. My right foot started to burn after 45 minutes so I removed the booties. My right foot was inflamed. I still (as of today) have a large bruise-like mark on my right foot, along with scabs that don’t seem to go away!! My feet burn when I take a shower. I’m totally disgusted that they allow this product to still be sold! READ ALL THE 1 STAR RATINGS!! I am not the only person to have this experience. I wrote to the manufacturer regarding this issue and have not heard a word from them. ZERO STARS! I feel like I may have suffered chemical burn from this AWFUL product.”


“I used this in the recommendation of a friend. She warned me about the amount of peeling BUT not about the chemical burns. To be fair it didn’t burn her, but I have been in agony for the past four days.

I used the booties according to the directions, nothing happened for at least a week then suddenly my feet began to peel and my ankles began to burn. At this time I now have burning, itching and pain around both ankles and the tops of both feet. The skin around my ankles feels thick and if I so much as touch it, it itches like hell. I cannot wear anything that touches it as it just itches and burns. On the plus side, the bottoms of my feet and falling apart!! I would most definitely NOT recommend this product and if you do use it, buyer beware. Do a test before, although I’m not sure how you could do that to be honest. I’m just hoping I don’t get scars.”

Both of these reviews were accompanied by horrifying felfies (foot selfies) of bright red, chemically-burnt-looking feet. This made me nervous. A few of the reviews said they’d also never experienced this kind of ‘foot burning off’ thing with the name-brand Baby Foot product.

So my confession is that I canceled my order of the knockoff before it shipped, and I placed a new order for that good shit, the REAL Baby Foot – which is why it’s taken so long for my order to arrive since I first posted about it.

My authentic Baby Foot lavender-scented booties were supposed to be delivered on Thursday, but lo and behold, MIRACLE OF MIRACLES, I checked my order status for them on Amazon this morning, and THEY’RE OUT FOR DELIVERY RIGHT NOW, AS I TYPE THIS!

I will *obviously* be using the booties within an hour of receiving them, and then I guess I’ll just start waiting for the shedding to begin. I’ll be sure to document this process on a day-by-day basis here on this blog – so stay tuned for a post about my experience actually using the product, and then other posts in the coming days about what ends up happening after I use BABY FOOT!

In closing, hopefully my feet will not end up mutilated and burnt like the feet of those few luckless reviewers of the knockoff product that I had originally bought, who may have never fully recovered. There are no updates to those reviews, so I guess we’ll never know.

Despite the risk, I still can’t WAIT to try it.

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