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  • Baby Foot, Sweet Baby Foot: A Review

    Okay. I think I’m finally ready to talk about my EXTREMELY enjoyable experience with Baby Foot (which I shall henceforth abbreviate as BF periodically throughout this post). I will admit that the process has been truly horrifying at times, even for me, which I thought was impossible (I’ve literally attended a live autopsy and I […]

  • Baby Foot Update: IT’S WORKING

    Guys. Guys. My feet are coming off in the bathtub and it’s glorious. Stay tuned for a longer post about this later – and know that I haven’t forgotten about updating you about my Baby Foot trial – just wanted to make sure I’d have something good to report. AND I DO! Speak to you […]

  • Baby Foot Update: It’s Arriving Today!

    Ok, I have something to confess. I had originally bought a knock-off version of Baby Foot due to poor impulse control and having done inadequate research. Then I checked the 1-star reviews for the product I’d already ordered (and written about on here)…and I found some pretty troubling information. Two of the 1-star reviews of […]

  • I’m Finally Going to Melt the Skin Off My Feet

    I finally bit the bullet and bought Baby Foot (actually, a Baby Foot knock-off), and I can’t freakin’ WAIT to use it. Here’s a link to the original Baby Foot. (Sidenote: now that I’m looking at the original product, I’m wondering why the fuck I bought an off-brand version of virtually the same product, but […]

  • I Think I Accidentally Bought Poison on Amazon

    Rubbing alcohol has always been one of my favorite household items. You can use it for most small sterilization tasks, like sterilizing your tweezers after a rousing session of what some might call ‘a bout of self mutilation’ but I would call ‘me time.’ I never knew just HOW important rubbing alcohol was to me […]

  • My X-Treme Dip Powder Nail Fail

    I’ve bitten my nails for as long as I can remember – literally my whole life. I’ve closely examined childhood photographs, and my nails were short and bitten down even then. I’ve tried everything to stop; that bitter-tasting nail polish that’s supposed to deter you from mindlessly gnawing on your hands? I developed a taste […]

  • Things I’ve Bought Online During the COVID-19 Outbreak w/ Reviews: Part 2

    March 22nd, Amazon: Mild Cleansing Pleasant Scent Lotion Soap – 1 Gallon One would think that if a product says that it’s 1 gallon, it would be 1 gallon. 1 gallon seemed like a reasonable amount of soap to buy. This is the kind of moisturizing pink soap that you often find in the soap […]

  • Things I’ve Bought Online During the COVID-19 Outbreak w/ Reviews: Part 1

    The buying really started in earnest on March 10th, when I realized that if I didn’t buy enough toilet paper and paper towel to tide us over for the next few months, we’d run out too quickly and I would FULLY decompensate. March 10th, Amazon: Bounty Quick-Size Paper Towels, 16 family rolls Review: 5 stars, […]